Bringing Hope to Hurting Hearts

Bringing Hope To Hurting Hearts

After our son passed away on December 24th, 2010, we felt a great and terrible pain in our lives.  During our time at the hospital living in the NICU, we were given a tree filled with hundreds of dollars of gift cards.  This simple act of love from complete strangers (who eventually became board members!) let us know tangibly that we weren't alone.  Now, each year we seek to enter into the darkest of places, that of the NICU, with love and encouragement in the form of three-foot artificial trees filled with $300 worth of gift cards.  On each tree we have lots of notes of love as well, and we have found these trees to be an incredible source of encouragement to all who receive them.

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Holiday Trees for Families with $300 in Gift Cards



On average a tree is filled with $300 worth of gift cards.  Samuel's Trees as an organization will pay for all of the 3 foot trees to adorn with those cards.



Last year an incredible woman simply emailed all of her coworkers, placed a small three foot tree in the foyer and some information we gave her, and five families were impacted because of her simple effort! It’s easy to get businesses involved.



Can there be a more tangible way to reach into the hearts of families in the NICCU with an expression of love? Get your church involved!



We got our schools involved, and the teachers loved having gift boxes out for the students to collect after notes were sent home with parents.




Another Year for the Books.


2018 was another amazing year for Samuel’s Trees. 110 Trees went towards level 4 NICU’s at CHLA, CHOC and Harbor UCLA respectively. 20 more trees went to Torrance Memorial which has a level 3 NICU. Countless families, individuals, businesses and schools jumped on board as we impacted 130 families with babies in the NICU of surrounding hospitals; some of the darkest places with light and love. Each year we grow so thank you!


Here’s What We’ve Done In The Past 6 Years


Though 2018 was an amazing year, we’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings. After Samuel passed away on Christmas eve in 2010, the following year was just too fresh for us. But in 2012, we wanted to give a tree filled with gift cards and love to a CDH family at CHLA during Christmas. We did and the response was overwhelming. We still get pictures from them each year! 2013 saw us getting our family involved with 3 trees, and then in 2014 it grew to about 7 trees to families at CHLA. 2015 was our biggest year of growth when we went from 7 to 33 trees to CHLA and Torrance Memorial hospitals where we got a few schools and businesses involved. We then did close to 80 trees to CHLA and Torrance in 2016, and 100 trees in 2017 all going to CHLA filling several floors of needy families.

We have literally only begun to grow. This year marks a transition for us as we have now officially labeled our “target” for 2019 and it is a lofty goal! We have built up, over the course of seven years or so, a reputation amongst the NICU communities and feel that this year we really want to strike at the heart of darkness, so to speak.

We want to make it our goal to reach EVERY family in LA and Orange Country, struggling with a baby in a level 4 NICU, for 2019. Our goal is to continue with CHLA and CHOC as level 4 specific, with Miller’s hospital in Long Beach, Torrance Memorial (only level 3 but local), Kaiser Hospital in LA, Mattel Children’s at UCLA, and Harbor UCLA. We hope to have a program for schools to help them get involved up and running by June of 2019, a program for businesses, and finally a more targeted approach to our charity event called “sweat for a cause-Samuel’s Trees.” Please contact us to be more involved!


of the money raised goes directly to families





in gift cards







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